Services Offered



Approximately 1/3 of the individuals/families served by the Artemis House stay in our shelter and 2/3 of our clients either attend support group meetings or occassionally come to the Artemis House to receive other services.  Our Rural Advocate travels throughour Butte, Harding, and Lawrence counties and provides services to individuals/families in the communities where they live. 

Services are customized to meet the needs of the individuals and families we serve. Advocacy takes place through through one-on-one and small group visits with clients. These meetings provide moral support, assistance with planning and goal setting, finding affordable housing, employment, transportation. Our advocates also talk with clients on the phone, meet them in emergency rooms, and accompany them during legal or court services, 

Artemis House staff and volunteers are also active in the community by spreading awareness and providing education. We network with law enforcement, social services, child protection services, community action programs, states' attorneys, schools and other community organizations. 

Artemis House: Your Journey, Our Mission.