After a Rape


What to do if you are a victim of rape or sexual assault:

  • Go to a safe place.
  • Do not wash or douche. Do not eat or drink anything if oral sex was involved. Do not remove, touch or destroy anything which may be evidence, including underwear and clothing.
  • Go to a hospital emergency room. A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is devoted to treating victims of rape or sexual assault.
  • Explain that you have been sexually assaulted and need to be examined.
  • Request tests for pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis and HIV.
  • Time is critical in collecting forensic evidence after a sexual assault. A Sexual Offense Evidence Collection Kit can be administered within 96 hours at the hospital at no cost to the survivor. The kit is administered with or without police involvement. The choice for police involvement is the decision of the survivor.
  • A nurse can request an advocate from the Artemis House, or a friend or family member can call directly at 605 642-7825.
  • Consider whether you need safe housing.
  • Develop a safety plan
  • Seek out assistance and help from family members or friends whom you trust.
  • Consider making a police report by calling 911