Trauma occurs when we are exposed to situations that are uncomfortable, feel life threatening, and overwhelm coping abilities. For people who have gone through a traumatic experience, it is normal to feel a lot of emotions, such as distress, fear, helplessness, guilt, shame, or anger. When these feelings don't go away, the person may have post traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD.

Men and women who have been the victim of domestic or sexual violence are at high risk to develop PTSD because each violent experience can be considered a trauma. For may people, symptoms begin almost right away. For others, the symptoms may begin, or may not be a problems, until years later.

For more information on PTSD related to domestic or sexual violence, contact an Advocate at the Artemis House at the confidential 24-hour hotline at 800 999 2348, or click on the images below for helpful resources: