Support Group Meetings

Support Group meetings are available in Butte, Harding, and Lawrence counties and are facilitated by a trained victim's advocate. Currently, scheduled group meetings focus on domestic violence and sexual assault support. If you know of a need for an additional location in your community within Butte, Harding, or Lawrence county, or a support group for a particular topic, please contact CJ at 642-7825. 

The structure of our support group meetings encourage the natural strength of the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Support groups can be a place where these individuals can explore alternatives in lifestyle and life goals. An atmosphere of respect, safety, and empathy rekindles the resiliency, strength, and inventiveness of those who have coped in relationships that are demeaning and, in some instances, life-threatening.

Participation in support groups can be a key to unlocking the loneliness, shame, and isolation that surround households threatened by domestic violence. Support groups fight this isolation on a number of different levels.

  • They connect individuals who are experiencing or have experienced violence in their relationships and give them a safe, confidential forum in which to speak about the unspeakable and draw comfort from those who understand.
  • They provide the acceptance necessary for those who are unsure of their next step, even if that next step involves remaining with the abuser.

Our support groups:

  • Are held in a location that is safe and not publicized.
  • Have participants agree to keep discussions confidential. This allows individuals to feel safe about disclosing personal information.
  • Respect the silence of participants. No one should feel pressured to speak if they would rather keep silent.
  • Have an empathetic facilitator who has training in leading groups and uses materials that will encourage discussion and growth.

Whatever decisions an individual may make about their own future, the recognition that others are available as sounding boards and supportive allies in that decision-making process may allow them to see other possibilities and, with time and continuing support, to realize a brighter future.

Questions about our support group meeting? Please contact CJ at 605 642-7825 or email her at [email protected].