Artemis House

Computer use can be monitored and is almost impossible to completely clear. If you are in danger, please either call 911 or find a safer computer to use. Call the National Domestic Violence Hot line at 1-800-799-SAFE or your local victim's shelter program. To exit quickly, click on ESCAPE, provided on each page.

The Victims of Violence Intervention Program, Inc. provides services and a shelter, the Artemis House.

VisionStriving for Violence Free Communities

Your Journey; Our Mission


Providing services to those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault and offering education, advocacy and awareness to the community.


To bring education, advocacy and awareness to the community.


To provide financial sustainability to meet current and future demands for service.


To maintain the existing physical structures and create a facility plan to meet the needs for future growth and development.

Everyone has the right to the following:
·         To live in a safe environment.
·         To live without being abused.
·         To be supported in a decision to leave an abusive situation.
·         To be treated with respect.
·         To be given compassion.
·         To be valued as an individual.
·         To be believed.
·         To not be judged.
·         To work and to provide for oneself.
·         To expect the public will be educated on the problems of domestic violence and sexual assault.
·         To expect society speak out against domestic violence and sexual assault.

VVIP provides the following services to those affected by domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault. Advocates work one-on one with clients providing moral support, assistance with finding affordable housing and suitable employment, public assistance, transportation and accompaniment when seeking medical attention, legal or court services, public education and community outreach. We provide accommodations for up to 42 people, food and supplies. Continued support services to those who have moved out of the catchment area and are no longer in need of direct services but require follow up services. Advocates provide time with each child to concentrate on the development of self esteem, creative conflict resolution techniques, and validation of feelings. We network with law enforcement, social services, child protection, mental health agencies, community action programs, states’ attorneys and other programs. We provide educational opportunities for volunteers, staff and clients to attend trainings, workshops and conferences.

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Oct 1, 2012, 9:01 AM